Welcome to the Club

A programme for football clubs, that are joined by refugees and migrants.

Fundation for Freedom and Polish Football Association (PZPN) prepared a complex solution including trainings, educational materials and individual consultations.

Football in a multicultural world

Football clubs function more and more often in a multicultural environment. Aditionally, the arrival of a multum of people from Ukraine to Poland keeps challenging said clubs in new ways. Some teams see a big opportunity, since a lot of sportsmen and sportswomen from neighbouring eastrn countries present a high sports level.. New footballers don’t know the language and the functioning of polish clubs that well. More than a few doesn’t stick to sports or social contacts because of war traumas. The clubs that want to give them friendly encouragement and bring them into the local community’s life – or those that already are doing that – can join the “Welcome to the Club” programme.

Registration for the programme

Participation in the programme is free of charge and will take place when reistered for the training. In total, 10 whole-day trainings are planned in 10 voivodeships. Specific information and invitations will be handed out by PZPN.

For starters – a questionnaire

First, we kindly ask you to fill out a online questionnaire. The answers will help us find out what the situation of clubs is like in detail and what help then need the most. Are you lacking psychological help, knowledge about migrants’ cultures, ideas for integrational classes, or maybe you’re overcome by financial, administrational or logistical issues? We encourage every person working with clubs, no matter the position and the league level.

The questionnaire research was finalised in march of 2023. We will present a report soon.

Coursebook, trainings and experts’ help.

Based on the questionnaire we’re going to develop a coursebook and a cycle of trainings for trainers and clubs’ managers. They will include tips in the areas mentioned the most in the questionnaire. Aditionally, general topics will be included in the sylabus, such as managing a multicultural environment or practical ways of integration through sports.

All participants, apart from trainings and coursebooks, will be provided with experts’ support, whom with they will be able to conduct projects for migrants in their clubs. Tournaments, trainings or different sports activities, cultural activities or ways to develop migrants’ skills in different roles: as players, teacher, volunteers or supporters.

“Welcome in the Club” Batch

Each club participating in the initiative and finishing it with a successful project, will gain a batch “Welcome in the Club” from the Polish Football Association. This specific quality mark will give it a chance to stand out on the map of Poland with other clubs that are open are trained to work with migrants.