Cross-cultural workshops for schools

Free workshops on migration, cultures, and breaking stereotypes for primary schools in Warsaw.

The number of children and teenagers facing the challenge of migration and adapting to the new environment is increasing. In order to help them, Foundation for Freedom has created free cross-cultural workshops for primary students and trainings for teachers.

The main goal of the workshops is to show children the variety of cultures and immigrant groups in Poland and to help children understand the phenomenon of migration. Workshops teach to cooperate and respect each other, help break stereotypes, support building good relationships between learners and shows them how to regulate their emotions.

During workshops for teachers, we discuss theoretical aspects of migration, share good practices, materials, and sources on working with children.

If you want to learn more about the project or available dates, contact Martyna Łukaszewska at

Informacji na temat projektu oraz dostępnych terminów udziela Martyna Łukaszewska

For many years, the Foundation for Freedom has been working with children, youth and families with migration experience, incl. in centers for foreigners and schools.

The activities are run under the project “(Między)kulturalna Warszawa – program edukacyjny dla uczniów i nauczycieli klas wielokulturowych” co-financed by the Education Office of the Capital City of Of Warsaw.