Our team

Board of Directors

Krzysztof Jarymowicz

A graduate of Psychology and Ethnography at University of Warsaw. One of the founders of Foundation for Freedom, now the chairman of the board. Originator and coordinator of Etnoliga and other integrative and sport related projects in Foundation for Freedom. Former journalist. Privately, a father of three children, a football enthusiast, chess-player, and cyclist.

Magdalena Zaborowska-Gumieniak

A pedagogue and organizer of cultural activities. A graduate of the Faculty of Education and the Institute of Polish Culture at University of Warsaw. An activist in Foundation for Freedom since 2010 where she deals with non-formal and cross-cultural education. A co-founder and coordinator of an educational program “Przystanek świetlica dla dzieci uchodźczych” (community hall for refugee children). She has worked with refugee families pedagogically for 5 years. Additionally, she conducted international youth exchanges, teaching trainings, sport coaches, animators, and activists on fair play game and cooperation with refugee children. A coauthor of “Sport for dialogue – good practices around Europe” and a practical manual for teachers, animators, and local leaders on fair play game (“Graj fair z innymi – praktyczny przewodnik dla nauczycieli, animatorów i liderów lokalnych”).

Governing Council

Antoni Adamowicz

A diplomat, graduate of Institute of Sociology at University of Warsaw. He worked at non-profit organizations in Italy and Spain. He’s an originator of social campaign “Tiszert dla Wolności” (T-shirt for Freedom). He’s one of the founders of Foundation for Freedom. He currently works at The Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Privately, he’s a passionate of cinematography, photography, and travelling.

Dora Montagna

A translator and linguist. Graduate of Lingue e Letterature Straniere Università degli Studi in Turin. She studied in Spain and Warsaw. She is a co-founder of Foundation for Freedom. She worked as an theatre animator in schools, prisons, and hospitals. She’s interested in European projects of mobility and integration.

Julian Kutyła

A lead editor of Krytyka Polityczna. A doctor of Philosophy, publisher, translator of English and French (e.g. Žižek, Hardt, Badiou, Erlbruch.) Has published in newspapers such as Gazeta Wyborcza or Rzeczpospolita.

Our team

Maja Ratyńska

A graduate of Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk. Her thesis (under the supervision of prof. Jacek Popek) was qualified as one of the best art diploma in Poland in the 2006/07 academic year. A designer who likes playing with words and to reimagine works of art. Apart from being a commercial designer, she’s an eco-educator and installation creator in the public spaces. She works with Information and Ecological Education Centre in Gdańsk, Association of Education and Prosperity (STEP), and The Baltic Sea Cultural Centre. Her latest work – afloat luminous installation Nuphar Mutea Solaris – was beloved by Warsaw citizens so much that it got stolen three nights after the vernissage.

Izabela Orłów

A graduate of anthropology in Warsaw and Tallinn. A member of eco-feminist collective W(y)puszczone (“let in/let out”). She co-works with Mroky collective and a few other groups. She works with kids in a dayroom Przystanek Świetlica on emotions and physical activities, especially various sports and stretching. In our foreigner center, she’s a family assistant – she supports refugee women with managing official affairs, school and kindergarten registration, and emergency situations. She connects the dayroom Przystanek Świetlica with other social initiatives and edits Przystanek’s Facebook fanpage. She loves mountains, climbing, and dub events. She always carry her handmade journal and can be often noticed on a bike. She created a slogan “zabawa prawem człowieka” (having fun is a human right) which can be seen on dayroom’s notebooks and bags.

Martyna Łukaszewska

A graduate of International Relations at University of Warsaw and graduate school of humanitarian aid. A certificated trainee of social competences who works in the approach of Positive Discipline. She’s a coordinator of a “Muzułmanin, czyli kto?” (“Muslim – meaning who?”) project which created an informative leaflet for teachers and nonprofit organizations. In Foundation for Freedom, she’s a coordinator of Przystanek Świetlica, and a tutor. She conducts a workshop for youth on international education. She also works at Ta Szansa Association. Moreover, she’s organized a charity for Dom Samotnej Matki (single mother’s house) and she was an educator of Polish Humanitarian Action. She’s a passionate of Africa and Middle East countries and their cultures. She travels all around the world and always carry a Harry Potter series in her suitcase.

Suzi Andreis

A graduate of Slavic Philology at Turin University. She comes from Italy but has lived in Poland since 1997. A football enthusiast who initiated a female amateur football tournaments in Warsaw. A co-creator of a Chrząszczki Club Sport (“chrząszczek” is a Polish name for a little beetle). An originator and a coordinator of Female Football Academy. Besides football, she is or was a part of: Women’s Coalition of March 8, Lesbian Coalition (LBT), Ulica Siostrzana (Siostrzana Street), Kobiety Kobietom (Women for Women), and other queer feminist collectives. She’s promoted polish drag king scene. A yogin, vegan, lesbian, cyclist, football player, and amateur photographer.

Volha Kalakolsava

She was born in Belarus. She studied at a music school, and then at the Academy of Fine Arts in Minsk at the theater department. She works as a theater and film actress, conducts acting workshops for children and adults, as well as self-development and intercultural classes.

Elmira Abasbekova

She comes from Kyrgyzstan. She graduated from the Polytechnic University in Saint-Petersburg. Mother of three. She has been living in Poland for several years and has a refugee experience. She has been associated with the Foundation for Freedom since 2021 as an assistant to refugee families as part of the “Recreation Room” activities. In addition, she works at the Foundation for Somalia as an integration advisor, conducts intercultural workshops in schools and handicraft classes. – I like my job because I can help others – she explains.

Ewa Kurzawa

An art therapist, cultural anthropologist, and cultural animator. A graduate of The Maria Grzegorzewska University (academy of special needs education in Warsaw) and of Institute of Polish Culture at Warsaw University. From 2012 to 2016, she conducted art workshop for kids at The National Museum of Ethnography in Warsaw. She co-works with Węgajta Theatre. Since 2019, She’s been a certificated trainee of social competences at ASD Help Foundation (ASD – Autism Spectrum Disorder). Currently, she studies socio-therapy, participates in two-years-long course for drama trainers at Dramaway Culture and Education Foundation, and conducts art therapy and communication workshops for children at Ta Szansa (“this chance”) organization.

Mateusz Stefański

He studied Iran Philology at University of Warsaw. In Foundation for Freedom, he’s a Polish-Persian translator.

David Huerta Beltran

He’s a Mexican man living in Warsaw since 2013. A football fan, captain of polish football team Real Warszawa, member of Etnoliga. Back in Mexico, he was a professional player in second league. He runs a blog (chido-fajny.com) where he shares his experience on living in Poland as a foreigner. Both in Foundation for Freedom and at work he creates websites.

Karol Mikulski

A football arbiter with the Mazovian Football Association authority. A referee at Etnoliga since 2010.