Youth Anti Radicalisation through SPort in Europe (YARSPE) is a 3-year-long (2020-2022) international project which main goal is to support youth in danger of radicalism through sport and education.

We use multidimensional and proactive approach towards radicalization and propose intersectional approach in fighting it. We think of young people in a positive way – we want to support their sense of belonging and identity by decreasing isolation and developing intercultural skills. We especially invite schools, sport clubs, and local youth organizations.

YARSPE is based on three main elements:

  • Comparative research of countries context, including identifying endangered communities and already existing programs
  • Strengthening key subjects and people working with youth, especially teachers, trainers, and educators, by trainings, workshops, and sharing new working tools
  • Supporting endangered youth by organizing workshops that include sport activities and recreation

The project consortium:

The quality of our work is ensured by two independent experts who monitor our activities on an ongoing basis, and at the end will present an evaluation report.

The project is implemented under the Erasmus+ Sport Program. The text expresses the views of the authors only and cannot be equated with the official position of the European Union.