Between August 2021 and July 2022 Foundation for Freedom carries out extended program of Ethnology in the regranting competition of I Am European: Histories and Facts About Migration in 20th Century Project.

The essence of Etnoliga+ is to integrate young migrants and Poles, give migrants voice in public debate, and educating youth on migrations so that they can come up with their own ideas.

We’re going to integrate our experience in orginising inclusive sport activities with guidelines developed by Centre for Civic Education. Our main goal is to reach new Mazovian youth groups interested in sports.


Since 2010, our foundation has been organizing original program of cross-cultural integration through sport. The heart of our actions is an amateur football league which stands out because it’s: (a) free, (b) made from both male and females from different countries and with different backgrounds, including people of risk of being discriminated due to their origin, socio-economics, gender, and sexual orientation, (c) welcoming for not only whole teams but also individuals, (d) lacking prizes – all participants are given medals and the best team wins the Fair Play Trophy, (e) participants are co-responsible for the project, and (f) they get involved with the voluntary for refugee children. Moreover, we have some experience in teaching about migration in schools in Warsaw and in using sport for uniting differences and fighting against discrimination.

…thanks to Citizen Education Centre…

CEO is the biggest non-profit organization in Poland. With its support, teachers introduce to schools teaching methods that encourage learners to be more engaged and help them in real life. CEO creates programs which help students to believe in themselves and to be open-minded but critical at the same time. Students learn how to work in groups and be responsible. CEO encourages them to involve in public life and help other people. Beneficiaries of CEO include approx.. 40 thousands of teachers and head teachers from schools all around Poland. CEO covers topics, among others, of migration.

Currently, CEO runs an international project I am European: Stories and facts about migration in 21th Century. Its purpose is to enhance the awareness and to promote education on migration movements in European society with regards to global challenges that comes with migration. We were one of the finalist in a regranting competition that was a part of the project. The grant total amount was assessed to 85324,30 PLN.

… with a plus!

With the grant, we will be able to handle another one, 23rd edition of Etnoliga. As we don’t get any support from the government, this help is extremely precious. However, the tournaments themselves is just the beginning of a new adventure. We will choose eight people from the foreigners to share with Poles stories about their migration experience and their participation in Etnoliga. We will film them and make short documentaries. These films will be promoting the national youth competition for integrative sport mini-projects. We’ll invite winners to Warsaw for the final tournament with members of Etnoliga. Lastly, we’ll run a workshop in Masovian sport clubs with the film cast.

The most important part of the whole proccess is co-working, not only between organizers and participants of Etnoliga, but also between Foundation for Freen, CEO, and the other laureates of regranting competition.

Find the latest information about the recruitment and the progress of our project on our other social media!

The task is carried out as part of the re-granting competition of the project “I am European: Stories and facts about migrations to the 21st century” financed by the European Union. The Center for Citizenship Education acts as a partner organization of the consortium implementing the project and the organizer of the competition in Poland. The text expresses the views of the authors only and cannot be equated with the official position of the European Union or the Center for Citizenship Education.